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Installing Windows Server 2019 on Proxmox VE

 Today I want to show you how to install Microsoft Windows Server 2019 on Proxmox VE. First we need to setup a new environment for our Microsoft Windows Server 2019 by clicking "Create VM" button Now we need to give ID of the VM and name for it Here we have to choose the guest OS Type, storage and ISO image Now it's time to choose SCSI adapter for our VM It is recommended to choose SCSI Controller like this: VirtIO SCSI In this step we have to choose the SCSI options. Once again it is recommended to choose Bus/Device: SCSI , and Cache: Write back . Here we can also choose our Storage place and Disk size. Here we have to setup CPU setting for our VM Memory settings Network settings Since I have here two NIC's - one for administration (1GBit), second one for VM machines (10GBit) - I choosed the vmbr1 interface bridge to get 10GBit on that. To achieve this I had to choose VirtIO (paravirtualized) which offers 10GBit Lan. Confirmation If you use VirtIO devices such as N